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Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry I (59-350 and 59-352)

Organometallic Chemistry


Raw exam grades for 59-350 and 59-352.  


Final grades for 59-350 and 59-352.  Have a nice holiday and I'll see you in the new year.


Course Outline and Information


Mid-term date:

Thursday October 31st


A copy of your assignment.  Please note the change for question 12(a).  Also, the 13C spectra in question 15 are not proton-decoupled.


Exam date: Wednesday Dec. 11th at 8:30 AM in the CAW centre AA areas 10-11.


A copy of the Final Exam from 1997.


Link to ISIS/Draw download site - a free molecular drawing program from MDL.  These is the same company that distributes Chime and other Chemistry/Biochemstry software.  All you have to do is provide them with an e-mail address.  The program is not very complicated but if you are having trouble with getting it to do what you want, here is a site from Cambridge that summarizes some of the commands. 

Seminar schedule.

November 26th:

Deyzi Gueorguieva, Alana Keen, Natalie Huk, Alexis Taylor, Cory Widdifield

November 28th:

Jenny Lam, Hani Ramadan, Michelle Carlesimo,  Jeff Bonelli, Imran Shafqat

December 3rd:

Beverly Ebegbuzie, Nick Fox, Albert Lourdusamy, Afroza Mehedi, Deanna Pizzuti, Alex Baah 

The laboratory portion of the course will be run by Mrs. Aroca and the TA is Chad Beddie.  The labs are in room B-76 of Essex Hall.


Summary of ligand field splitting of d-orbitals.


Trans effect series with both thermodynamic (trans influence) and kinetic (trans effect) taken into account:

CO, CN-, C2H4 > PR3, H- > Me-, S=C(NH2)2 > Ph- > NO2-, SCN-, I- > Br- > Cl- > Py, NH3, OH-, H2O


Link to some Organometallic questions and answers from Nottingham Trent University.


The site listed above will evaluate your answer instantly so you can find the correct one if you don't get it initially.  I will post further practice problems on this site and give some out in class.  Additional problems may be found in your old inorganic text-books (if you still have them).


From Cotton, Wilkinson and Gaus:

Chapter 28: 

Study Questions


Additional Exercises 



Chapter 29: 

Study Questions


Additional Exercises 



From Shriver and Atkins:

Chapter 16:

Self tests 16.1-16.7


16.1-16.4, 16.7-16.9, 16.11-16.13,16.18-16.23,16.27


Class Notes (from Dr. Stephan)

PDF files for lectures 9 and 10 (from Dr. Stephan)

Some IR and NMR notes (mostly from Dr. Stephan)