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We have a few labs that we are continuing to fill with equipment.  We have two glove boxes (a VAC dual-station dry box and an MBraun single-station "wet" box), one of which is equipped with a Leica stereo microscope for the mounting of crystals in capillaries for X-ray diffraction studies.  We use both Schlenk (inert gas) and vacuum (Burford-Muller) glassware for the preparation and handling of our air-sensitive compounds.  We also have a solvent purification system in the lab for the safe and efficient drying of solvents.  In addition, we have a variety of other standard laboratory equipment.


For theoretical calculations, we use Sharcnet and we have access to other workstations and clusters in the department.


We have access to many analytical tools, including: 

- 2 CCD detector equipped single-crystal X-ray diffractometers (one with VT-capability)

- a Hi-Star area detector equipped powder X-ray diffractometer with VT-capability

- multinuclear solution NMR spectrometers

- a solid-state NMR spectrometer (through Prof. R. W. Schurko), 

- FT-IR, Raman, UV-vis and other spectrophotometers

- a C,H,N elemental analyzer

- thermal analysis equipment (DSC, TGA-MS)

- separation/purification technology (LC-MS, GC, GPC)

- other state-of-the-art facilities (AFM/STM, TOF-MS, multiple-quadrupole MS, and an electrochemistry workstation)